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 Sunhawk District Leadership 



Charles Woodland
District Director

David Davis

Donald Rowland

Donald Rowland


Ruth Best

Program Director

Brenda Swan

Training  Chairman


David Taylor

Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner

Maureen Smith

Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner

Greene William

OA  Chapter  Chief


Jason Lagas

Order of the  Arrow Advisor

Nancy Cramer

Advancement Chairman

John Lacey

Advancement Committee


Bill Wells

Activities Chairman

Chantel Scheller

Journey to Excellence  (Good Turn)

Gregory Ogieia

Finance Chairman


Camping Committee

Elizabeth Carroll

Camping Chairman

Greg Olson

Nomination Chairman

Daniel Millett

Membership Chairman




Naveld Amigon

Hispanic Outreach Assistant

Paul Thiele

       Eagle Board       of Review

Marion Moss

Youth Leader Training



 Assistant District Commissioners  



Marty Robinson

Asst District Commissioner (Paradise Stk)

Scott Seastrand

Asst District Commissioner (Central Stk)

Kenyon Crouch

Asst District Commissioner (Sunrise Stk)

Kerry Gifford

Asst District Commissioner (East Stk)


Bruce Parshall

Asst District Commissioner 

John D. Hall

Asst District Commissioner 

Jeff Carson

Asst District Commissioner 

AJ Jones

Asst District Commissioner 

Gregory Burden

Asst District Commissioner 

Vernon Grassie

Asst District Commissioner 

Mike Anderson

Asst District Commissioner 



 Unit Commissioners  




Unit  Commissioner (East Stk/  Vegas Manor)

Elsa Faria

 Unit Commissioner (East Stk/ Winterwood)


Unit Commissioner (Paradise Stk/ Sun Valley)

Marian Moss

Unit Commissioner (Community)

Jerry Bowner

Unit Commissioner (Community)



Sunhawk Leadership



Las Vegas Area Council . 7220 South Paradise Road . Las Vegas, NV 89119 . 702-736-4366 . Fax 702-736-0641 upstairs . Fax 702-949-6022 downstairs