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Campamento en los alrededores de Las Vegas 

Camping is available from the deserts to the mountains in the Las Vegas Area.
Article Summary - Campamento alrededor de Las Vegas proveche opportunidades durante todo el a�o.   Hay Campas en Nevada, Arizona, y Utah. Nuestros campas los sirvir�n para un campamento de fin de semana en la primavera o oto�o, o son buenos para una semana de Adventuras Altas en el verano.

By: Scott Seegmiller - Direct�r de Web S�tio
Updated - 9/4/2007

  Spencer W. Kimball Scout Reservation
Camp Potosi is located at the base of Potosi Mountain about 35 minutes south west of Las Vegas.
Camp Del Webb
Located in the pines and aspens above Kolob Reservoir and Zion National Park.

Camp Levi Levi
This camp is in the Hualapai Mountains southeast of Kingman. Arizona.



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  High Adventure Team
Provides training for unit leaders in skills required to lead youth on exciting high adventure activities, including backpacking, hiking, rapelling, skiing, white waerrafting, and mountain biking.
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